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Herbalife Formula 1 Sports


Formula 1 Sport
HEALTHY MEAL FOR ATHLETES Gain confidence from your pre-workout nourishment. Balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, Formula 1 Sport establishes a solid nutritional foundation for performance while being convenient to consume.

Herbalife Hydrate


SUPPORTS HYDRATION WITH ELECTROLYTES Hydration is key for performance. Replenish your body with electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption, ensuring you are hydrated and ready to perform at your best. Hydrate contains less than 1 g of sugar and carbohydrate-metabolism supporting B Vitamins. When mixed with water, it’s the perfect any-time hydration option.

Herbalife Prolong


ENHANCE SPORTS PERFORMANCE AND SPEED UP RECOVERY Nutrition is vital to power your performance. Prolong’s dual-source blend of carbohydrates facilitates caloric utilisation for sustained performance. Whey protein acts as a protective measure, reducing muscle breakdown during prolonged exercise. Prolong is easy-to-drink with a light, subtle flavour.

Herbalife Rebuild Endurance


Rebuild Endurance
SPEED RECOVER, REBUILD MUSCLE Recovering after intense aerobic activity requires both replenishing glycogen and rebuilding muscle. Rebuild Endurance contains an engineered blend of carbohydrates to help jump-start glycogen replenishment. A selected blend of milk protein, glutamine and L-Carnitine aid muscle recovery and help support the immune system. Quickly metabolised whey protein, and slower-release casein protein create a rapid and sustained muscle building state.

Herbalife Rebuild Strength


Rebuild Strength
ENHANCE SUSTAINED MUSCLE BUILDING AND RECOVERY Promote lean muscle growth with 25g of high-quality dairy proteins. The specially selected blend of milk protein creates a rapid and sustained muscle building state. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) support metabolism after strength and resistance training.

Herbalife H3O Pro


CR7 Drive
Performance for active lifestyles, it’s perfect for taking during exercise or any sports activity. Developed in conjunction with Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the elite players of world football. CR7 Drive is a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that is proven to enhance the absorption of water during physical activity and help maintain endurance performance, whether it be an intense game of football or you are hitting the treadmill.

Herbalife Lift Off


Lift Off
Increase energy and improve mental clarity for better performance throughout the day with this effervescent energy drink.*

Herbalife Protein Bars


Protein Bars
The ideal low calorie, high protein, great tasting snack.


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