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Herbalife Shake


Nutritional Protein Drink Mix
Created with advanced food technology, this specially formulated, unique blend of ingredients provides easily absorbed, high quality soy protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, dietary fibers and herbs. The antioxidant nutrients Vitamin C, E and selenium can help protect against cell damage.
Drink a Formula 1 shake, and you’ll feel full and satisfied and energetic. Each serving packs nine grams of protein & is Rich in dietary fiber. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, including the antioxidant vitamins A, C a E. Provides dietary amino acids the body cannot produce on its own.

Herbalife Shake


Allergen Free Nutritional Protein Mix
A delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of protein and key nutrients for sustained energy. Formula 1 Free From Soy, Lactose and Gluten provides the same benefits as the original Formula 1 shake, but is free from lactose, gluten and soy, so those who are intolerant to these allergens can make up the shake to suit their needs.

Herbalife Shake


Box of 7 Formula 1 Express Bars
Balanced essential nutrients for a complete healthy meal replacement. Soy Protein and plant based carbohydrates for sustained energy and to keep you fuller for longer. All the nutrients needed with 207kcal. Low GI. All the nutrition of our Formula 1 shake in the convenience of a delicious tasting bar. When trying to lose or manage your weight, it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet which can be difficult if convenient and tasty solutions are out of reach. A healthy meal like Herbalife Formula 1 Shake or Formula 1 Express Healthy Meal Bar keep your caloric intake down to avoid putting on extra weight, while also providing you essential vitamins and minerals, long lasting carbohydrate and protein for energy to help feel fuller for longer. It comes in two flavours:- chocolate chip and red berry and yoghurt

Herbalife Multivitamin


Multivitamin Complex
A daily multivitamin for long-term good health. Stress, a poor diet and exposure to pollutants can rob your body of essential nutrients. As a result, you may look and feel tired, get sick easily or have difficulty losing excess weight. Includes antioxidant vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and selenium, to help protect cells from free-radicals. Supplies B vitamins, including folic acid, B6 and B12, which are essential for energy production Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex contains 133 mcg of folic acid per tablet.

Herbalife Protein Powder


Protein Powder Supplement
Feed your body the proper balance of protein to keep your weight loss on track with this supplemental powder.  It contains soy protein, which can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Contains whey protein, rich in cystine and methionine, which is vital to muscle development. Has no fat, sugar, carbohydrates, yeast, cholesterol, salt, lactose, sweeteners or artificial colours. Protein is an essential part of every cell in the body and is important in the role cells play in maintaining a healthy immune system, vibrant skin, strong hair and muscle growth. With muscle growth, comes an increase in lean body mass and heightened metabolism. Protein is also crucial to instilling a feeling of fullness and satisfaction in the body, making weight-loss efforts easier.

Herbalife Fibre and Herb


Fibre and Herb Tablets
Combining oat bran and selected herbs, which work together to encourage the efficient elimination of waste products form the food we eat, for a cleaner digestive system. A ‘cleaner’ digestive system can function more effectively and also helps to ensure better absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Cleanses the villi of the small intestine to allow your body to absorb nutrition.

Independent Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife Fibre and Herb

Protein Drink Mix
A great way to boost your protein. PDM can be consumed in two delicious ways. Prepare it as a tasty, kilojoule controlled high protein snack, or add it to your favourite shake, for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink