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Herbalife Multivitamin Enquiries and Orders please contact: orders@Herbal-SA.co.za

Poor eating habits, a stressful lifestyle and pollutants can rob your body of vital nutrients, making it even more difficult to reach your ideal weight.

Herbalife multivitamin provides essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium to help the body create a foundation for good long term health.

The body is stressed chemically, physically and psychologically every day.
How often do you feel stressed? Anything from listening to loud noise to losing your car keys can increase blood pressure and send stress chemicals racing around the body as we try to adapt. These altered body functions – chain reactions – delete energy, increase free radical production and may lead to stress-related health problems. Herbalife multivitamin nutrients can assist in the protection of the body from stress, but these need to be kept in plentiful supply.

Do you eat a high percentage of processed/fast foods?
You can never know how much nutritional value a ready made meal has compared to a carefully prepared home-mad equivalent. That’s why a Herbalife multivitamin can be so important.

Do you catch colds/flu/bugs easily?
Your body’s fighting force may be malfunctioning due to poorly absorbed nutrients. By topping up with immune system support, you may be in a better position to fight infection.

The antioxidant factors of vitamin C and Vitamin E help your body to fight free radicals.

Independent Herbalife Distributor


Independent Herbalife Distributor