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I'm not losing weight
It’s much better to lose cms than to lose weight. If you are losing cms without losing weight it means that your muscle mass is building up and your body fat is reducing. Make sure you consume the correct amount of calories for weight loss and and be careful not to exceed that amount. You will lose weight unless of course you are at your target weight.

Not drinking enough water, snacking too much on the wrong things such as Jungle oats bars, muesli bars (350cals per bar) are some of the common reasons people don’t lose weight. Short women can’t afford to eat as many calories.

Around menstration, women tend to retain more water.

If you email us your weight and height to Lifetimeherbal@gmail.com  we will work out your lean protein intake and how much calories u burn without exercise. To lose weight, you must eat less calories than you r body burns. Water is an important part of your success, make sure you are drinking 4 glasses of water per 30kgs of your body mass on a daily basis. E.g. If you are 90kgs you need to consume 12 x 250ml worth of water/fluids per day avoiding tea, coffee, cool drinks etc.


Other possible reasons for not losing weight:
Are you using Formula 1 with cow’s milk?
Most people whether they are aware or not are to some degree or another intolerant to milk (lactose). Avoid taking the shake with cow’s milk (even fat free). Try using Soy/Rice/Oat milk instead, or alternatively water mixed with 100% juice.

Not measuring cms.
Make sure you measure as well as weigh. With the Herbalife Program, some people lose cms first and then the kgs come off afterwards. This is because muscle weighs 5 times more than fat so if you lose body fat and gain lean muscle you may find that you gain a bit of weight but actually get thinner. This is the healthier way to lose weight and will ensure you keep it off for longer. Make sure you take your weight and your measurements to get a complete picture.

If you feel like cheating why not try adding one or several of our Enhancers such as Thermo Complete, Lipo Bond, delicious low calorie Protein Bars or Gourmet tomato soup.

Not following the program as directed.
You need to do 2 shakes and 1 balanced meal with the tablets 3 times daily. You need to be consistant with the program. If you went to the doctor and he prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics, you wouldn’t take the tablets for the first couple of days and then stop at the weekend, then continue on Monday, Tuesday, then take half the tablets on Wednesday etc. The chances are the medication wouldn’t work too well. It’s the same with the Herbalife weight loss program. Although our products aren’t medication, you do need to be consistant with your usage to get a good result.

Eating to many calories
People shorter than 1.6m really need to watch their calorie intake. A piece of fruit has 85-100 calories, so try to cut out the fruit if possible. Rather have a third of a shake diluted with 250mls of water. It has more nutrients, and more protein with the same calories.  If you can avoid snacking, it will go easier. Or rather go for protein snacks instead of carbohydrate snacks. Try our delicious protein bars.

 If you have takeaways or restaurant food as a main meal, the calorie content is 2-3 times higher than a well balanced home cooked meal.  You could be adding too many calories to your day with junk food. Limit to once a week and cut down on your portions.

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I feel hungry
Possible reasons:
Not following the program correctly.
When following our program correctly it is unusual to feel hungry. Make sure you are making your shakes correctly. If you are still hungry we suggest adding extra Personalized Protein Powder to your shake and to enjoy a Herbalife Protein snack or Gourmet tomato Soup.
If you don't want to eat more, try Thermo Complete.
You may also like to have a look at some of our other Enhancers.

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Unrealistic expectations.
Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations. Ask yourself how long it took you to gain the weight you wish to lose. If I took you 2 years to gain 10kgs it is unrealistic to think that you will lose it in 2 weeks.

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90 Day Plan
Our program is a 90 day plan. Your body will only let go of the excess fat when it is ready to do so. Sometimes people hit plateaus, but after another month or 2 of sticking rigidly to the program they continue to lose again. You need to be patient and consistent with the program for at least 90 days to see great results.

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Not eating properly
It is very important that you eat a well balanced normal meal in addition to using our Shakes. Hunger pangs and cravings often happen from not having regular meals, not making the shakes correctly or not eating enough protein. Herbalife helps reduce feelings of hunger, if you are following the program correctly.

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I feel sick or nauseous

Make sure you take tablets with shakes and meals and not on an empty stomach. Sometimes people feel nausea because they have poor digestion. Make sure you are getting the required amount of water per day (4x250ml of water per 30kgs of your body mass). Our Herbal Aloe Concerntrate helps settle the stomach and is great for your digestive health and has many other health benefits.

If you have constipation problems, and taking some fibre each day does not help solve the problem. Reduce your fibre tablets from 2 tablets three times per day to 1 tablet three times per day. Have a glass of water with each fibre tablet (VERY IMPORTANT). If this doesn’t help then reduce again to half a tablet 3 times per day until you are regular again. Then slowly increase back up to the 6 tablets per day. Don’t be in too much of a rush to increase. Getting your body used to the correct amount of fibre can take some time. Be patient and drink lots of water.

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I have a headache
Blood Sugar fluctuations or dehydration can cause headaches. Also when first starting on the Herbalife Program people often report headaches which is because of the toxins being released from the body.  Continue to take the products drinking two shakes, one snack and a balanced meal, as directed, and drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water daily. Add NRG Tea or Herbal Concentrate to your daily health routine. Detox headaches are temporary, and normally pass after the first few days.

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I feel tired         
Sometimes when you're on a diet, you may feel more tired as your body adjusts to less calories.
Eat every meal and shake on time. Don't skip meals, be sure you are following your program as outlined and get plenty of rest. If you need extra energy, try Herbal Concentrate or NRG Tea.
Tiredness can also be a sign of detox and normally passes within a few days. After detox most people report feeling better than when they first started the Herbalife program.

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I'm on Herbalife for 10 days and have gained weight and inches around the middle. Why?
It could be that you are exceeding your daily calorie target for weight-loss. If you have a low metabolic rate, you should consult your physician about increasing your exercise programme and focus on your protein targets. If you contact us we will tell you what your daily calorie intake and protein factor should be.

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Tips of how to make your shake
Avoid mixing your shakes with cow’s milk (not even skim or fat free), most people struggle to digest the lactose. Also, don’t mix with only water either, you won’t enjoy it and you’ll get hungry.
If you mix it in juice, make sure you dilute some of it, 150ml juice and 150ml ice water. You can also add 2 spoons of non fat plain yoghurt to give it a creamier texture.
If you find you get hungry on the shake when mixing it like this, then I suggest you get the soy milk, it has more protein than juice so it keeps you fuller for longer and you burn more fat with soy milk than juice.

You can get the Simply Soy (get a flavour like strawberry or chocolate if you don't like vanilla, take 200ml soy milk and add 100ml ice water and blend, make sure your soy milk is cold. 
You can also get the soy powder, you’ll find it in the long life milk aisle at Checkers or Pick n pay, the brand I like is called Bokomo So Fresh, you get them in chocolate and strawberry flavours. Don’t mix it like they tell you on the box, it’s too thick and doesn’t last long.  Take 300ml ice water, add 2 level tablespoons of Formula 1 shake, add 2 level tablespoons of soy milk powder and blend or shake.

Have the shake for breakfast & lunch, take 2 Fibre tablets with each meal, eat 1 main meal (cut back slightly on the portions) and drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. For healthier eating try cutting out as many of the ‘white’ foods as you can (flour, sugar, pasta, rice, potatoes – go for whole wheat brown rice, bread and pasta)


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