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Enjoy vegetable-based soups, steamed seafood or fresh juice. Try to avoid the fried, cheesy and/or creamy appetizers.


Try choosing whole-grain or rye breads without butter. Limit your bread consumption by asking your server to remove the basket from the table.


Alcoholic beverages are often the source of many additional calories.

  • Wine, 170ml, 120 calories
  • Beer, 340ml, 146 calories
  • Screwdriver, 170ml, 150 calories
  • Tequila sunrise, 170ml, 210 calories
  • Margarita, 230ml, 400 calories

To cut calories try seltzer or light beer.

Steamed, broiled, baked, roasted, boiled, wine sauce, grilled, stir-fried, poached


Fried, sautéed, batter dipped, creamed, cream sauce, cheese sauce, marinated in oil, special sauce, crispy


Can be the source of a lot of hidden fat and calories, try ordering light dressing served on the side. Beware of high-fat extras like bacon, cheese, cold cuts and mayonnaise-based salads. Avoid the crusts and shells that some salads are served in.


Choose meat dishes with portion sizes of 6 ounces or less. Fish and poultry breast have fewer calories than red meats. Ask your waitperson to serve the entrée without butter, margarine, sour cream or cheese topping, and order sauces on the side.


Desserts can make or break a meal. Sidestep high-calorie desserts by choosing fresh fruit or sorbet, or have a decaf coffee or some herbal tea.


  • Have an apple or glass of water before leaving for the restaurant to curb your appetite.
  • Alcohol may stimulate your appetite. Limit your consumption.
  • Have your server remove your plate as soon as you are finished.

Remember that you do not have to finish everything on your plate; ask for a doggie bag. You can also ask that half your food be put in a doggie bag before it is served to you–then you can still finish your food and have the rest for the next day.


  • Request food to be baked, broiled, steamed, poached or grilled instead of fried.
  • Try ordering two appetizers, or a soup and salad, instead of an entrée.
  • Split a large meal with a companion, and order an extra salad or vegetable.
  • Portions are large, so avoid the temptation to clean your plate; ask for a doggie bag.
  • Ask that sauces and gravies be served on the side.
  • Ask questions about meal-preparation techniques if you are unsure.
  • Ask that the chef prepare your meal in wine rather than butter or oil.
  • Order double portions of vegetables to replace rice or potatoes.



  • 280g. potato, 200 calories
  • 280g. baked potato, 235 calories with one pat butter
  • Large french fries, 400 calories
  • Large baked potato with chilli and cheese, 630 calories

Following these guidelines can help you make changes that will allow you to incorporate new eating habits into your lifestyle. The more consistent you are with your changes, the better your chance at achieving your goals.


For many of us, when we go out to eat, it’s tempting to let our guard down a bit. Sometimes we think, “I paid for it, so I’m going to eat it,” or we reward ourselves for a hard or difficult day. But if you eat out fairly often, your choices can definitely impact your overall diet.

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